Launching CEFR Progressive Testing in Thailand

Students of YES2 School Thailand sit their first CEFR Placement Test

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for recognizing language skills. In reference to English, using CEFR descriptors to gauge student ability is useful because performance can then be predicted for specific testing protocols. It allows institutes, educators and students to better understand their English proficiency in reference to contrasting scales used by independent examination bodies.

Why is this important? Higher Education Institutes and Industry Sectors often use these exam protocols as part of their recruitment process worldwide. Having a better understanding of where students are on this overall scale can reduce time and expenses involved in preparing them for key examinations.

The Ministry of Education in Thailand has outlined goals for students to achieve B1 level by graduation from high school. With more schools using CEFR to measure ongoing development, teachers can identify students needing additional support more easily.

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