License Approval

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Step 4. A formal offer is made

Based on the appraisal and the amount of support agreed, Frisby College will then issue you a formal offer and license agreement to review.

The formal offer outlines our proposed plan of action, the provisions and services we will provide to your institute and the license fee for a five year commitment period based on those services being provided.

The License Agreement is a contract between your institute and Frisby College for operating as a FCIS. It outlines the terms and conditions of being a Frisby School within our international network.

We aim to send your formal offer and license agreement within 30 working days of the feasibility vist.


What’s next

If you accept the offer the institute’s Principle Director should sign the License Agreement and arrangements for payment of the licensing fee should be made. At this stage we hope you will be able to reflect on a professionally rewarding, supportive and educationally valuable experience. 

You will receive a Frisby Schools Pack which contains a range of information about how to prepare for launching your FCIS. Our team will start the process of arranging your institute’s introduction training, drafting a schedule for delivery and registering your nominated staff with Frisby College’s online learning platform. 

You will also receive a Frisby College Satellite School Certificate with your Centre ID to help promote and showcase yourself as recognized test-centre for Frisby International Qualifications.