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We help people open doors and build their future - with English for ASEAN

Why do we need English?

  • Connecting people together

  • New job prospects

  • Career Development

  • International Travel

  • Cross-cultural Understanding

How do we learn English effectively?

  • From a lingua franca perspective

  • Engaging mutual interests

  • Through a student-centred approach

  • Realistic progression

  • Guaranteed Success 

Frisby College is an international courses and assessment provider based in the UK.

Delivering tailored education solutions worldwide, its range of accredited English courses have been designed using 23 years’ experience in delivering effective language training.

Accredited at Premier Status by Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) for its commendable areas of operation, Frisby qualifications and certificates carry an internationally recognized mark of quality.


Frisby College is a member of CPD, delivering professional development courses awarded with the highest standard for online learning. CPD Accreditation Service is used and recognized by all major education and training providers in the UK.


Frisby College is a Trinity College London examination centre for Secure English Language Tests (SELT), which are approved for applications to UKVI for visas. Frisby courses help prepare for exams for international travel.

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Only 33% of Thai people can communicate in basic English, a skill needed for ASEAN


Frisby College will support you in your journey through learning English as an individual. We take into account the unique needs and characteristics of each learner, ensuring a productive and motivating experience from beginner to advance.

Whatever your individual goals for choosing to learn English, we guarantee you’ll stand out with knowledge and understanding to communicate as an ASEAN English user.

Why learn English with Frisby 


English for our future in ASEAN 


There are many reasons why people learn English. We strongly believe that helping people understand the role English will play in our futures as an ASEAN community is important for them in choosing the right English study.


Frisby English acknowledges the use of English from a ‘lingua franca’ perspective, the common use of a language that is adopted between speakers whose native languages are different. As ASEAN members, the growing need for English no longer relates only to communication skills for travel, study or work abroad, but now inclusion and equality in our home country’s economic futures.

It is estimated that across the ASEAN territory there are 1,000 native languages and regional dialects being used, yet only English has been adopted as its official working language. As the need for English continues to increase for future generations, practical skills and knowledge will become more prominent.

Frisby English prepares learners with these skills. From the very start you develop a balance of skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, becoming familiar with the use of English at the highest standards for academic needs and real-world application.

Are you interested in learning English with Frisby College? 

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