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About Frisby Schools


Frisby Schools is a satellite schools programme offered by Frisby College for independent schools and colleges teaching English worldwide. It provides institutes with a complete package for training teachers, operating an effective English Program (EP) and recognition as a test-centre for Frisby International Qualifications.


Schools and Colleges are approved a license for operating as a Frisby College International School (FCIS), demonstrating enhanced delivery of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) within its country’s own national curriculum needs.

What is a Frisby College International School (FCIS)?


FCISs are schools, faculties or departments of English established within the school or college’s own organizational structure. Frisby College works closely with each FCIS, supporting them in improving EFL teaching, learning and assessment using a tailored approach.

FCISs are not required to adopt a full foreign curriculum where the majority of subjects need to be taught fully in English, but instead complement any subjects where English is the desired language.

The Frisby Schools Programme has four elements:

1. EP linked to international standards
2. Training and support for EP Staff
3. Course materials for EP teaching
4. EP Assessment and Certification

How to establish a Frisby School (FCIS) in Thailand?


The setup and licensing procedure to become a FCIS in Thailand has been designed with flexibility and affordability in mind. Our team has 10 years’ experience working together with schools in Thailand’s changing education market.


Licenses are available to both government and private schools offering secondary education on a 5 year FCIS agreement.

Being a service specifically for EFL needs, the programme has been very successful in improving English performance with students whilst ensuring Thai institutional freedom.                 

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