Frisby Schools Application

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Step 2. Complete an Application

If your institute is ready to move forward with an application a member of our schools licensing team will send you an Application Pack.


The application process is designed for you to tell us more about your institute and students. It helps us get a better understanding of how your institute currently meets our quality assurance standards and identify any areas needing consideration before conducting our feasibility visit. 

Our Quality Assurance Standards look at readiness using five key areas: 

  • The Institute’s Mission & Educational Values 

  • Institutional Management & Leadership

  • Teaching Provisions & Commitment

  • Learning Environment

  • Legal Standing 


When you have completed your application send it back to our schools licensing team. They will check over your information and highlight any areas needing further details before sending to Frisby College’s Board of Directors in the UK. An evaluation of your application will then be made and returned to us within 7 working days.


At this stage your institute will either be approved to move forward with arranging a feasibility visit or be sent an appraisal identifying areas needing review. If it has been identified that your institute is not ready to move forward with a feasibility visit we will advise you on the most appropriate steps to take.