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TEFL Certificates for teaching English Abroad


TEFL Certificates demonstrate to schools and EFL employers that you have knowledge and understanding about how to teach effectively and are well prepared for managing a classroom environment. There is a huge demand for English teaching jobs in Thailand and having an industry recognized TEFL Certificate can really help you stand out when applying for jobs. There are many different types of TEFL certificates available worldwide and it's a good idea to know what employers look for in such qualifications.

Total Qualification Time (TQT)

The amount of time required to complete the qualification is an important consideration. The global TEFL market generally requires TEFL teachers to have studied upwards of 100 hours on a course. Our foundation Diplomas offer you a 120 hours of accredited study. You will receive a TEFL Certificate issued by both Frisby College and CPD UK when graduating from our courses.

Classroom Observation


It’s important your TEFL training requires you to practice in a real classroom setting. Some TEFL Certificates can be completed fully without any practice element or feedback. These types of qualifications will not prepare you adequately and are not well recognized by TEFL employers in many countries. All our Diplomas require assignments and demo classes to be completed with the support of your Frisby Instructor.

The country your TEFL Certificate is issued from

Particularly in Asia, English from native speaking countries is still preferred. British English and training courses  originating from the United Kingdom are highly regarded in Asia. Our courses allow you to complete a Frisby International Qualification completely from Thailand. Diploma Certificates issued are identical to those being awarded to educators taking our training courses in the UK.

Ongoing Support and Guidance


We are committed to supporting you long-term through your TEFL career. Alumni have ongoing contact with Frisby instructors in the UK and our Thailand support staff. Whether you need advice on teaching a specific topic, ideas for lesson plans or guidance on how to deal with a challenging situation, our team is always available to assist.


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