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with UK Accredited Courses and Qualifications


Frisby College International is an education franchise for professionals who care about delivering quality English teaching, learning and assessment. With thousands of learners enrolled worldwide, we are seeking passionate ESL educators in Thailand.

Frisby educators will understand the importance of developing English standards for Thailand’s future in ASEAN. If you already work with young learners or are interested in becoming an educator locally, join us as part of a recognized franchise offering UK accredited courses and qualifications in Thailand. 

Contact us today to find out how you can improve English learning in Thailand. 

Why Frisby College


A trusted brand worldwide


Frisby College has been designing and delivering accredited training courses and examinations worldwide for over 20 years, partnering with tutors, schools and education ministries in over 10 countries and regions. The college is accredited at Premier status by Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) and is registered by the UK Register of Learning Providers, UKPRN 10039758.

We are actively seeking passionate individuals to join our local operations.

Connect with us to see how we can support you in establishing or expanding your education business in Thailand.

Proven Business Model


As a franchisee, you get to run your own education business delivering (ASIC) Accredited courses and qualifications from the United Kingdom. Coupled with decades of industry experience and centre support through our network of professionals worldwide, Frisby College learning materials are constantly assessed and improved to reflect changes in the ESL market.

Invest for their future

Now is a profitable time to invest in better education services for Thailand. From a country perspective Thailand is still vastly under-achieving in English language ability compared to other ASEAN members. The Ministry of Education is developing tougher recommendations and targets for Thai graduates to meet for communicating in English now and in the future. The demand for private sector English study will continue to increase over the next 5-10 years.

Own a Franchise



  • Comprehensive start-up training and support

  • Accredited teaching certifications for your team of educators

  • Access to ongoing professional development

Diploma in Teaching

Diploma in TEFL

Diploma in Preparing for IELTS

Diploma in Preparing for TOEFL

Diploma in Montisorri Approach



  • Engaging materials for learners

  • Customised schemes or work and lesson plans

  • Professional educators resources and contact supervisors

Early Years Book Series

Patthom Book Series

Matthayom Book Series



  • Administer exams as an authorized testing centre

  • Award learners with internationally recognized certifications

  • Online registration and validation tools

Frisby Placement Test

CEFR Certificates®

Prepared for IELTS

Prepared for TOEFL



  • Become a Frisby college educator in your community

  • Help to discover the full potential of tomorrow’s youth

  • Support change in an evolving education system

Diploma in Educational Management

Operating your Franchise


" We Support you in growing your education business as a licensed Frisby College Learning Centre (FCLC) "

Boost your education business by affiliating services with reputable courses, examinations and professional standards. As a franchisee, you will receive extensive training and support for your team to ensure you bring the most out in your English learners.

Supporting pathways to further education


Play a key role in helping students to achieve effective English proficiency for exams and post-graduate education needs. As a franchisee, you will educate learners about the requirements and relationships between internationally recognized standards and top industry English tests.

Franchise Requirements

cefr pathway.png

Your attention to English study

is going to make a difference


You or the educators you employ must have a high level of English and share a real passion for wanting to improve English standards in Thailand. Your experience and background in education delivery will dictate the level of training and effort you will need to put in to capitalize your investment.

Although franchisee agreements are available to educator newbies, the following attributes are recommended for franchisee staff as a successful starting point.

A high level of English proficiency with practical use in mind

Some experience in teaching or supervising children and young adults

Between the ages of 27-45 years old

Love children and prefer to work in education

A willingness to learn

Franchise Licensing Process


Interested? What you should do next

Review all the info about becoming a Frisby College Thailand Franchisee

  • Thoroughly read the information contained in this page

  • Register to receive information and connect with our franchise licensing team

  • Arrange a feasibility assessment and orientation meeting


  • Prior to arranging a Franchise Orientation, we will invite you to complete an official application, and schedule a brief video call with College instructors in the UK. You will be required to fill up an application in full and may be asked to submit some supporting documents at this stage. Details will be communicated to you by the Thailand office.

Schedule a Frisby College Thailand Franchisee Orientation

  • During Orientation, we will thoroughly explain the college’s and master franchises vision, mission, values, and adherence to quality assurance. The conditions and requirements for delivering (ASIC) accredited courses and qualifications will be explained in regards to ensuring successful operations as a Frisby study centre.

Franchise Agreement & Licensing

  • Your centre location and premises will be verified and you will need to sign a franchisee agreement accepting operation terms and conditions. You will be required to complete mandatory screening checks with all proposed centre staff to determine their suitability to work with children, as required by local regulations.

New centre training

  • Once you have officially been licensed your centre staff will commence training. The amount and periods of training required will depend on your initial feasibility assessment and application. Prescribed training required will be clear explained to you before making a final decision to continue.

Important Considerations

Start-up Training & Diplomas

  • It is important to understand that your centre will not able to register learners for accredited courses and qualifications until your staff have complete initial training and have been awarded the Frisby College Diploma in TEFL as a baseline requirement. You will need to allow appropriate time between licensing and operating courses for your staff to complete all training.

  • Training is carried out in combination between Chief Frisby College Instructors in the UK and country staff in Thailand via video coaching. The time taken to finish training can vary depending on demand and availability. You should ask your franchise coordinator to confirm training periods during the licensing process.   

Specialist Course Training & Diplomas

  • In order to offer specialist courses and qualifications you will need to invest in ongoing professional development for your staff. Additional training for staff Diplomas can be requested at any time following the franchisee’s licensing, however these are not included in the annual franchising fees.

  • You must demonstrate that staff with specialist course training and Diplomas are employed and delivery the courses you desire before learner registrations will be approved.