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Course Application Form

 Important information before starting your application 

• Please complete your application in English only

• You should read the 'Learner Contract' at the bottom of the page carefully. These are the terms by which you agree to register as a Frisby International Student.

• You will need to upload supporting documents with your application. Please have these ready as PDF, JPG or PNG. 

You will need:

Copy of Citizen ID/Passport

Copy of education certificate

Copy of a recognised English Test

Course Information

Which course are you applying for?

You must have successfully completed the previous course level before applying for the next.


Duration of course


Type of course


Course Dates


Centre Information

Which Learning Centre (FCLC) are you studying the course with?


Personal Details

Your names should be as they appear on your Citizen ID/Passport.

They will appear on your qualification certificate in this format. 


Emergency Contact (applicants under 18 years)

Education Information

Your education history with most recent first.

Institute 1

Institute 2 (optional)

Supporting Document 1

Proof of Identity

Please attach a copy of your Citizen ID or Passport (PDF, JPG or PNG)


Supporting Document 2

Evidence of Formal Education

Applicants under 18 years - Thai Certificate in Lower Secondary Education

Applicants over 18 years - Thai Diploma in Secondary Education or Vocational equivalent.


Supporting Document 3

Evidence of English Proficiency

Applicants need to demonstrate that they are proficient in English to B1 or B2 CEFR Level

Please attach a copy of recognised English Test taken within the last 12 months. Click here for accepted English Tests


Supporting Document 4

Fast-track Progression

Please submit a copy of your last ATHE Certificate as evidence of previously completed levels.


Student Decleration

Applicants over 18 years

I agree to the terms of registration explained in my 'Learner Contract' with Frisby College

Applicants under 18 years

I agree to the terms of registration explained in my 'Learner Contract' with Frisby College

Legal Guardian

I agree to the terms of registration explained in the 'Learner Contract' with Frisby College

Check your information is correct before submitting your application

Please wait after clicking Submit Application, it may take a few minutes to process your information. You will automatically be taken to the payment page.

If the online application does not work for you please download the PDF version below.

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