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Courses for ATHE Level 3

Diploma in Business

Qualification Number | 601/6170/X

Our courses for the ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business are designed to guide learners through the 60-credit version of this foundation qualification in Business and Management.

Courses can be completed full-time over 10-12 weeks or part-time over 20-22 weeks and are delivered via classroom instruction or our distance learning platform.

The ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business is an Ofqual regulated qualification and is the equivalent level to a British GCE, AS, A Level or Access to HE qualification.

Courses are particularly well suited to high school undergraduates in the middle-east and Asia, who complete national education at 18 years of age. This qualification can be studied alongside core subjects as part of a Dual-Diploma Award in the final years of secondary education.

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Qualification Units

Learners must complete 4 core units.

Core Units

How Businesses Operate (15-credit)

The key features of an organisation and their importance are explored, including finance, leadership, HR, marketing, managing data and customer service.

Marketing Principles and Techniques (15-credit)

An introduction to marketing is provided, followed by a look at research, analysis and promotional techniques.

Academic and Research Skills for Business (15-credit)

This unit guides learners in understanding their own academic strengths and weaknesses and developing research projects using a variety of skills.

Communication Skills for Business (15-credit)

A look at how communication is used in business and how the learners’ own communication skills can be developed to effectively present information and ideas.

Qualification Overview

RQF Level   Level 3      Credits   60 Credits

Courses   Distance Learning

Duration   Full-time 20-22 Weeks

                    Part-time 40-42 Weeks

Entry Requirement

Age 16+

B1 CEFR English Proficiency

Certificate of Secondary Education

Application Fee   9,000 Baht

Tuition Fee           160,000 Baht

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Globally recognised

British Qualifications

No Exams

100% Assignment Based

Flexible learning that

meets your needs

600 study hours with

Course Tutors in Thailand


Entry Requirements

Age 16 +


Academic Profile

Nationally recognized Certificate of Secondary Education or equivalents.


English Profile

A minimum of CEFR B1 level English demonstrated via a standardised English test. Learn more about our B1 English courses  

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Application Process

After submitting a formal application with the necessary supporting documents, the applicant is required to complete a 20 minute video interview with admissions.

Application Steps

Progression Routes

Learners who complete this qualification can then continue their academic pathway via one of two progression routes:

Further Education Pathway

(continue study with Frisby College)


ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business and Management


Higher Education Pathway

Enter onto a 3 Year Sandwich Degree Programme with a UK university.

Enter onto a 3 Year Distance Learning Degree Programme with a British university.

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