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Distance Learning with Frisby College

Frisby College offers a range of distance learning courses for British higher education qualifications. Our courses can be studied online from anywhere in Thailand.

Unlike distance learning programmes offered directly by UK Universities, our online courses are taught by college professionals based in Thailand. With our staff living locally, you can be assured that course schedules provide lectures and seminars with convenient times to study around your busy lifestyle. You will also have comfort knowing that you can contact your course tutor easily by phone if needed, which can often be a problem when tackling the time difference between the UK and Thailand.

Course Schedules

We provide the option of part-time or full-time courses for all qualifications delivered by Frisby College in Thailand, giving you even more freedom to study how you want. Advance your career as part of a small exclusive group of learners studying the qualification with you remotely at the same time. We limit course communities to only ten learners per group to ensure optimal support and a peer-productive environment.

Full-time Courses

24 Guided Learning Hours/week

Full-time courses are delivered during business hours and will require you to study as part of your course community for four days per week. Each day includes a morning and afternoon session of lead lecture and seminar for you to work on presentations and assignments. The total weekly Guided Learning Hours you will receive with full-time schedules is 24 hours.

Part-time Courses

12 Guided Learning Hours/week

Part-time courses are designed to fit in around daily commitments and require you to study as part of your course community evenings and weekends. Schedules include two hour lectures on weekdays delivered four times per week and a four hour seminar on weekends. The total weekly Guided Learning Hours you will receive with part-time schedules is 12 hours.

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Course Delivery

Courses are delivered to you from the Microsoft 365 Education suit. You will be issued your own user account to access course resources and assignments, allowing you to save notes and research in real-time. Lead lectures and seminars are conducted online via secure Microsoft Teams events pre-scheduled and accessible through your account dashboard.

Lead Lectures

Learn about business strategy

Lead lectures are video conference events that present course topics and study resources for each unit of your course. They are interactive presentations delivered by your course tutor and guest speakers, to you and your course community in real-time. Lectures provide you with theoretical knowledge and information on research techniques and methods you will use during the course. You are required to attend the full duration of lectures and be actively engaged in the topics being discussed.


Practice research and analysis

Seminars are video conference events that allow you and your peers to prepare, consult and discuss presentations and assignments with your course tutor interactively. These sessions are an opportunity to critically analyse projects as you develop, receiving real-time instruction and support while conducting independent research. You will identify and agree micro tasks with your course tutor at the beginning of each seminar and report back on your findings and progress at the end.

Independent Study

Perfect project management skills

In addition to Guided Learning Hours on your course you will need to commit personal time and ongoing efforts needed to complete research, presentations and assignments. There is no specified amount of time for this. Independent study time should reflect your needs to progress and recommendations made to you throughout the course.

Assessments for Qualifications

Qualifications include no formal exams and you will be assessed one hundred percent on the quality of presentation and assignment work you produce. All of our courses are designed for maximum learner success. With the guidance and feedback you will receive from your course tutor and programme leader there will be ongoing opportunities to continual develop and improve your work for assessment. Enthusiasm and commitment to achieving your qualification is the most important requirement.

Marking and Grading

Your assessment work will first be evaluated by Frisby College assessors in the UK. They will give your programme leader an indication of whether assessment criteria has been met adequately. Once your assessment work has been approved it will then be sent to the awarding body for final marking and grading. Assessment work for qualifications are marked pass, merit or distinction.

Distance Learning
UK Bachelor Degree (Top-up) Programmes

Enrol for Bachelor (Top-up) Degrees in Business and Management direct with the following UK Universities after completing:

ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Business

ATHE Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business and Management

ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business and Management

Universities in Coventry, England

International Student Fee 191,000 Baht

International Student Fee 558,000 Baht

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About University Fees

University Tuition fees published are accurate as of September 2020. They do not reflect annual fee increases due to inflation.

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