Our Requirements

Quality Assurance Standards


Every institute has to have or be working towards basic requirements to be able to deliver an effective Frisby Schools Programme. Your institution will need to meet our requirements in five key areas before you can become a Frisby School.

We will discuss and evaluate each aspect with you during the licensing process. We will also periodically review your institute against these five key areas during future license renewals.

The Institute’s Mission & Educational Values

We require that:

  1. The institute has or is prepared to adopt a ‘transparency policy’ that supports authentic teaching, learning and assessment with its students, based on common agreed values for improving English language education in Thailand.  ​

  2. The institute’s internal culture advocates a student-centred approach to learning, whereby students’ individual needs are assessed and monitored.

  3. The institute has or is prepared to adopt an ‘equality policy’ that addresses the inclusion of students with special needs learning and the provisions needed to support them.  

Institutional Management & Leadership

We require that:

  1. The institute has sufficient senior staff in place to operate the FCIS as a school, faculty or department of English within its own organizational structure.

  2. Senior staff demonstrate a level of willingness and understanding of the needs or goals for improving English learning at the institution.   


Teaching Provisions & Commitment

We require that:

  1. The institute has a defined academic schedule for teaching English as a Foreign Language. School timetables should allow for weekly English classes on a consistent bases.

  2. The institute has English competent staff available to teach the EP on a consistent bases. EP staff will complete our training and have ongoing support.  


Learning Environment

We require that:

  1. The institute to the best of its abilities delivers a safe and conducive learning environment for all of its students.

Legal Standing

We require that:


  1. The institute is a legally licensed school or college with the relevant ministry department of education in Thailand.

  2. The institute has authorization and/or freedom to independently source foreign educational services and examinations. 

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