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Our English courses can be used together as a complete English Programme (EP) for schools and colleges. They can be easily integrated with English study for Thai B.E. Curriculum foreign language requirements. 


Institutes benefit from a manageable and progressive method to teaching English from beginner to advanced. Our courses help develop English proficiency in-line with meeting the Thai Ministry of Education’s national English targets of CEFR level B1 proficiency for graduates.

Frisby College English Programme

Schemes of work and lesson plans can be tailored to fit each institutes’ English study timetables, ensuring a progressive blue-print for students and teachers to follow each academic year.

Using Frisby English courses as a complete English Programme helps reduce the planning and workload of institutional administration and teachers, so more time can be given to simply teaching fun and enjoyable lessons.   

Teaching English using the Frisby Method

Benefits of becoming a Frisby School (FCIS)

Schools benefits from a combination of Frisby Educational services together under one licensing package.


These are…

Accredited teacher training and ongoing support

Frisby schools receive introduction training and ongoing support for teaching staff. This ensures that they have sound knowledge and understanding of teaching methods used, how to follow schemes of work, lesson plans and Frisby materials week-to-week effectively.

Authorization as a test-centre for Frisby International Qualifications

Frisby schools are fully licensed test-centres for assessment with Frisby International Qualifications. They can schedule exam days and register students for taking exams at the school. Students are awarded with recognized certificates accredited through the UK.

Digital Master Licenses for course materials


Frisby schools are authorized to print unlimited course materials as needed each year during the licensing period. Schools can cut considerable costs from printing locally and not having to purchase books annually from international publishers.

Foreign Teacher Recruitment Services


Frisby schools can hire qualified foreign teachers who have already completed training in other countries. Frisby International recruitment services help schools meet the demand for hiring native and non-native teachers who are experienced with Frisby English courses.

Awarding Students

UK Accredited English Certificates 

Support for Frisby Schools

Ensuring that all teaching staff involved with running of a Frisby English Programme understand the same goals is crucial to success. Well prepared and confident teachers will lead to improved learning with students long-term.

Introductory Training (the FC Diploma in Teaching TEFL) helps teachers get started with the Frisby Method, our English courses and Schemes of Work.

Our training for professional development and ongoing support is designed specifically to help transition institutes to better English teaching and assessment.

Teachers can continue their training in specialist areas based on their role within a school. We offer a range of Advanced Diplomas in teaching disciplines.

Teachers develop a deeper understanding of Frisby English in action with practice and use of course materials, lesson plans and student assessment.

Frisby schools can request onsite seminars and workshops with UK College Instructors to discuss the latest advances and topics in the international EFL industry.

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