Frisby English classes are fun and engaging for both students and teachers together. They focus on using teaching techniques proven to work well at helping students to retain English knowledge, vocabulary and grammar understanding. English classes follow structured lesson plans that clearly identify learning objectives and the activities designed for achieving them.

Using Frisby English


Frisby Schools use the complete (English for Seniors) Matthayom Series for all EP needs. This course range has been developed by Frisby College in collaboration with experienced Thailand educators to produce a very successful way of learning English. Materials use modern topics with practical activities that are interesting for secondary school level learners.


The Matthayom Series includes 6 English proficiency levels from Beginner to Advanced. These English levels are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), a globally accepted set of learning indicator being used by the Thai Ministry of Education to help track English performance and improvements.

Benefits of using the Matthayom Series for English with schools…

  • Topics that address modern-world issues

  • English practice for everyday situations

  • 4 Skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening

  • Color coded activity prompts and grammar

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The Matthayom Series English Programme Pack

What is included with each course level?


Each course level includes a course book, workbook, vocabulary book (A1-B1) and notebook for students. These materials follow the activities and tasks presented in the EP Schemes of Work and the directed lesson plans provided to teachers. Students also receive personal notebooks for making notes and recording new vocabulary presented.


Scheme of Work

Schemes of Work act as a master blueprint for teachers to follow throughout the course of study. They present a list of themes, module topics and grammatical lessons covered at each course level, showing how they relate to the learning objectives mapped from each common reference level.  



Workbooks provide additional study tasks and practice exercises to further develop students’ understanding and confidence with topics and grammar learnt from each corresponding course book.


Student Notebook

Personal notebooks are provided for students to make notes and build their own vocabulary bank. Lexical range is an important aspect of learning English using the ‘Frisby Method’ and enables students to keep a record of new words and meanings learnt as they progress through English levels.


Course Book

Course books introduce module topics and directed study tasks in relation to the grammatical lessons being taught throughout each course. Students can track the benefits of each activity and the skills they help with improving by using the task study key.


Vocabulary Book (A1-B1)

Vocabulary books for CEFR A1-B1 provide a set list of words for students to learn from beginner to intermediate levels. These words help with structuring English grammar and pronunciation more effectively.   


Audio Resources

Teachers can access accompanying audio and videos for the Matthayom Series from the Frisby School Resources Page using their school’s login credentials. There are no CD-ROMS required. All resources are conveniently accessible online.

Learning English together with confidence 

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