Success starts with Professional Development

Introduction training gives teachers a solid understanding of effective TEFL teaching. Our training reinforces and expands on modern teaching theory, method and techniques used best to deliver English courses in preparation for exams at Frisby schools. Training is suitable for native and non-native English speaking educators.


As part of a Frisby Schools licensing, introduction training is included leading up to programme launch. Training is carried out in combination between Frisby College Instructors in the UK and our Thailand staff.

Introduction Training


2 Step Training 

Step 1 - FC Diploma in TEFL

Our comprehensive TEFL Diploma training accredited through ASIC and CPD.

This certification equates to 120 hours of directed and self-study. Each candidate is registered with Frisby College's online learning platform where they can access courses module materials.


Weekly lectures and group seminars with UK Instructors are scheduled around each English faculty's own time constraints via video and interactive tools accessible through the platform. 

Teachers can complete their Diploma training before or once the school's Frisby English Program is underway.

TEFL Modules.png

Step 2 - English Courses and Assessment

Teachers are introduced to the Frisby Schemes of Work that underpin each course, learning how to plan and track progress throughout the academic year.


Each of the lesson plans provided to Frisby Schools meets learning criteria specified through the Schemes of Work and gives teachers the freedom to adjust pace and frequency as required. This enables them to teach our English courses with greater confidence.

Teachers will typically learn about:

  • Frisby International Qualifications

  • the aims and structure of Frisby English Courses and Schemes of Work

  • assessment aims and objectives

  • exam papers, marking procedure and audit examiner feedback

  • progression testing, CEFR Certificates and exam mapping

  • teaching ideas and approaches