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Reasons to learn with Frisby English 


We offer you a personalized English student experience. Our courses can be taken individually at your own pace with support from our network of dedicated educators.

Courses can be taken independently or in combination with other English study. You will be surprised just how effective our materials and lessons are at developing a solid base with all your English skills over a very short period of time. We have a range of levels from beginner to advanced so that you will have the correct start and pathway to improve.

Developing a balance of English skills will lead to your success

What is it like to be a Frisby student?

You can see from our success stories that students love learning with us and find our approach to studying very useful. Whichever level you are starting at, our courses ensure the best English improvements for you.

Want to start learning English today? 

Frisby College

We can help you find your nearest Frisby school or Learning Centre. Get the best support from our teaching staff. 

Where can I study Frisby English? 

Our network of Frisby educators in Thailand is expanding. There are several ways you can study Frisby English depending on your location, time commitments and study goals.

Study Online

You can study Frisby English online with your very own dedicated Frisby tutor. We match you with one of our training approved educators based in Thailand. They will help you plan your own customized study schedule and mentor you through courses materials via video week-to-week.

At our Centres

Our centres are equipped and ready to support you with weekly face-to-face study classes. Join a Frisby study group that ensures optimal class size and student interaction. All our centre trainers are certified Frisby Diploma graduates with professional teaching experience.

At our Schools 

Our schools operate Frisby English courses as part of their own compulsory second languages curriculum. Teachers are fully certified through English faculty training, ensuring a  premium standard of English study throughout primary and secondary grades.

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