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The ‘Frisby Method’ is a very successful way of learning English. It has been designed by Martin Frisby and his team at Frisby College UK, using over 23 years’ experience of teaching students from over 60 different countries. Frisby English courses using the Frisby Method are now available to learners in Thailand.

The Frisby Method stipulates maximum student involvement in the lesson and a traceable learning path, thus giving the student direction in their learning whilst keeping lessons student-centred. This promotes learning, interest and a high level of retention.

What is the Frisby Method 


Each student's motivation and learning styles are taken into consideration and lesson materials produced by Frisby Educational are designed to enable teachers to deliver competent and comprehensive, enjoyable, informative lessons using authentic material.

The Frisby Method incorporates both, lexical and grammar work simultaneously. Learners study the correct use of grammar, correct pronunciation, a wide lexical range and a good command of reading, listening, speaking and writing skills and sub-skills. This method is proven to be successful, effective and enjoyable for learners of all levels.

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A student-centred approach

What is a blended method? 


A blended learning method takes into account the best parts of many different learning styles. We use aspects of both ‘natural language acquisition’ – the same way you first learned Thai and dual language reinforcement – the understanding of concepts and ideas through comparison in Thai.

The Frisby Method doesn’t focus on only conversational skills first like other methods. Instead we condition students to develop all skills through the correct use of grammar, pronunciation and building of their own lexical range from the very start. This ensures improvement across all English skills so they are ready for both academic and real-world use.


Writing Tasks 


Vocabulary Tasks 

Speaking Tasks

Listening Tasks 


How does it work? 


Learners can study Frisby English online, through a Frisby school or a Frisby learning centre. The relationship students build with teachers and study mates is key to success. All our educators have been trained in depth to use the ‘Frisby Method’ and deliver lessons using our reflective approach. Many of the study tasks in our materials require learners to work together, helping one another in a controlled environment.

Students learn through bite-sized interactive lessons that take their own pace and needs into consideration. Following each course level the learner completes an English assessment to check knowledge and understanding before moving on. Each course level has been fully accredited as meeting UK language training standards and our certificates are recognized internationally.

Ways to study Frisby English

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