Feasibility Visit

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Step 3. We carry out a feasibility visit

There are two objectives of the feasibility visit:

Firstly to see English teaching and learning in action at your institute. We want to build a picture of what a typical English class is like for your students and teachers. Although our team appreciate all gestures and hospitality as guests it’s important they observe a true representation of how your institute delivers English study on a daily bases. We therefore encourage as little alteration or special planning when observing classes during the visit. Our team is not there to pass judgment or criticize current performance, they are there to identify the ways in which the Frisby Schools programme can support improvements at your institute based on their experience.

Secondly to meet senior staff and teachers who will be involved with operating the FCIS. It is an opportunity to look at and discuss evidence that supports information presented in your application. We want to learn about your institute’s ethos, aims and goals along with the opinions, ideas and needs of staff who will be completing our training and teaching using our courses and materials. 

There is no ‘one size fits all’ with Frisby Schools. Our training, courses and materials will be tailored to optimize English study within your institute’s own organizational structure. Becoming a Frisby School is a long-term partnership to guide and support your staff in striving to improve their own standards and practices.

After the feasibility visit

After the visit our team will complete an appraisal to send to Frisby College’s Board of Directors. The appraisal will state the evidence seen as meeting quality assurance standards, typical practices and environments observed. It will also include the team’s recommendation for the amount of support needed on-site and remotely during introduction training and ongoing after launching the programme.